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Implant Supported Crown


Protecting Your Implants

Now that final restorations have been placed on your implants, it’s important to follow these recommendations to ensure their success.

  • Avoid using any tobacco products. Ideally, you should quit altogether because tobacco slows healing and increases the risk that your body will reject the implants. Tobacco is the leading cause of implant failure.
  • Avoid grinding and clenching your teeth because this can damage the implants and restorations. If grinding and clenching continue to be a problem, we may need to adjust the restorations or have you wear a night guard.

Chewing and Eating

  • If we used anesthetic during the procedure, avoid chewing until the numbness has worn off completely.
  • To protect your implants and restorations, avoid chewing ice and other hard objects.

Brushing and Flossing

  • Brush and floss around your implants thoroughly but gently. We may recommend special floss, brushes, mouth rinses, or other cleaning aids to keep the area free of bacteria.
  • Brush and floss your gums and natural teeth normally.

Medication and Discomfort

  • Take antibiotics or other medications only as directed.
  • To reduce discomfort or swelling, rinse your mouth three times a day for two weeks with warm salt water. Use about one teaspoon of salt per glass of warm water. It’s normal for your gums to be sore and swollen for a few days.*

When to Call Us

  • At times the screw holding the restoration may become loose or your bite may feel uneven. Please call us, so we can adjust them.
  • Also, call us if you have persistent swelling or discomfort, or if you have any questions or concerns.

* If you suffer from high blood pressure, please consult with your physician before using a warm salt water rinse.


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