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It’s important that your dentures, like natural teeth, be kept free from plaque and tartar. This prevents permanent staining and bad breath.

  • Use a denture brush and one of the many commercial cleaning products to thoroughly clean all of the surfaces of your dentures at least once a day.
  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, brush your remaining teeth, as well as your tongue, palate, and gums. This not only removes plaque and keeps your breath fresh, it also massages your gums and stimulates circulation, keeping your natural teeth and tissues healthy.
  • Tough stains and tartar can be removed by soaking your dentures in white vinegar for several hours.
  • After you’ve cleaned your dentures, always remember to rinse them in water before placing them in your mouth.
  • If your dentures have no metal parts, you can soak them in a diluted bleach solution to remove tough stains.
  • Never soak your dentures in a cleaning agent for more than 15 minutes if they have any metal parts.
  • Whenever they are out of your mouth, your dentures should be stored in water.
  • Your gums need a period of rest in order to remain healthy, so don’t wear your dentures to bed at night.
  • See us regularly for examinations to ensure that your dentures fit properly and your mouth stays healthy.
  • Always let us know right away if you notice any changes in your bite or fit.


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