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Night Guard

  • Prior to night guard placement in the mouth, brush and floss your teeth.
  • To insert the appliance, use the forefinger and thumb of both hands to guide the appliance into place over your teeth. Then gently close your teeth together to ensure the appliance is fully seated.
  • To remove of the appliance, use the forefinger and thumb of both hands to grasp the appliance from the back corners. Use equal pull on both sides of the appliance from your teeth.

Cleaning of The Appliance

  • The use of mild toothpaste abrasive is recommended. The use of “over the counter” denture cleaners with a maximum 15-minute soak will help manage any accumulation of minerals and stains.
  • Brush the appliance under cold tap water with a soft brush.

Storage of Your Appliance

  • Allow the appliance to air dry. Air drying helps dissipate the opaque appearance caused by excessive moisture.
  • Place the appliance in the container provided by our office.
  • Storing your appliance in a moist dark container could allow harmful bacteria to grow and cause discoloration of the appliance.
  • Store safely from pets and children.
  • Contact our office if changes in your symptoms or bite occur.
  • Remember to bring the appliance with you at your cleaning appointments to verify the fit and occlusion


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